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Barbie Pool Party FAQ

What should I wear to the party? 

While there is no dress code for the party we definitely would love to see everyone bring out their inner Barbie! We will have selfie stations for you to use, including a Life-Size Barbie box. Think Pink and feel free to bring any props you want for you photos.

Will I be able to swim? 

Yes! When you’re not being photographed, feel free to chat with other models, play games, hang out and take a dip in the pool! 

Can I post behind the scenes photos of the event?

Yes! We definitely encourage it! Please make sure you are getting consent from other attendees before posting and tagging everyone involved including @PinkRoomKC

What kind of food/drinks will be at the party?

We will be doing a cookout for the party featuring burgers and hot dogs. We will have vegan & vegetarian options as well! 

Water will be provided along with a selection of alcoholic beverages. Please drink responsibly and make sure you're at 100% for your photoshoot and your drive home!

Can I bring a friend to the party?

The entrance fee is for one person but we completely understand if you need a friend to accompany you. You may bring a friend with you but we will be asking for a $20 fee to cover the additional food/drink. Please make sure your guests understand that models will be getting photographed and to be respectful of all attendees.

When will I get the photos?

Photos will be posted in an online gallery within 7-10 days. Each individual will have their own invite to see their own photos along with any group/candid photos we capture at the party. 

Can I bring my own food & drink?

We will be providing a meal and drinks, but if there is something specific that you would like during the party, you’re more than welcome to bring it along!

Will I be able to shoot nude/topless at the event? 

There will be opportunities to shoot privately with DJKC Photography, but some of the outdoor photography will be around other attendees. Due to the nature of the content we create, there will possibly be some nudity in the outdoor area but we want be respectful of everyone’s boundaries. We will be communicating with everyone throughout the day to make sure we provide a safe environment. Please make sure you are being respectful to everyone involved and do not photograph others without their consent.

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